Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response

There has been a lot of concern about COVID-19 and the Coronavirus spread in the studios where I teach in the recent weeks. Some students have raised concerns over using shared props as that may result in the spread of the virus.
To this end, I am taking the following steps, and requesting cooperation from my students:

  1. Please stay home if you are sick. This is best for everyone and I will be glad to see you once you are feeling better. We each have a responsibility to do our part to protect each other during this time. Consider online lessons – see details below.
  2. Wash your hands prior to starting class and touching any props. Use soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Dry hands thoroughly. Consider anything you touch afterward (faucets, door handles, railings, props, cash, etc.) to be infected (so if you touch these after washing, your hand is now considered to be re-infected). 
  3. Avoid contact with other people and your face. It’s okay – we won’t think you’re rude if you don’t shake hands. 
  4. In private lessons and at Alpha Krav Maga Boston, please leave any props that you use out so that I can disinfect them prior to storage. At other yoga studios, please follow the protocols established there.

I will be offering alternative poses that do not require props in all classes that I teach, so if shared use of props concerns you, we can work around that. Additionally, if you would like to purchase props for your own use, I link to all of the props I regularly use from my website.

Additionally, I am now offering private, one-on-one yoga lessons over the Internet! If you are interested, please contact me for details to ensure you have the necessary technology and to arrange a free online consultation to test the connection.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope to see you on the mat soon!