Props For a Home Practice

If you want to have a home yoga practice, having the right props can be handy. I have links to the ones I commonly use on my props page, but you can also improvise!

For example, a thick book could be used instead of blocks. I am a fan of beach towels instead of blankets. Pillows can make substitute bolsters. A belt or a scarf can make fine strap replacement. Feel free to get creative, but make sure any improvised prop you choose is safe. For instance, I would not use a stack of slippery magazines as a block replacement. 

It’s also important to take into consideration your environment. Make sure you have enough room on all sides to practice comfortably. Be sure that you won’t knock over any decorations or accidentally tumble down a flight of stairs. In addition to safety, consider privacy. Even if you don’t mind having an audience while you practice, maybe your family/housemates/roommate doesn’t want to be part of your practice, so a little space may benefit everyone.

​I hope to see you soon. Stay healthy, happy, and safe!